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I have been interested in R/C Airplanes ever since I was a little kid.  I remeber when we went to the mall in Odessa Texas there was a hobby shop that had all sorts of cool airplanes and trains.  I always wished I could fly one.  When my family moved to Albuquerque we lived sort of close to the R/C air field, we visited it about once a month.  On March 15, 1999, my dream of flying the litttle airplanes became true.  After one month of instruction I was ready to fly and that is what this page is dedicated to.

AMA 635592
IMAA ??????
Updated 4/3/00

Kadet Senior  Under Construction
Piper Cub Under Construction
PT 40 This was my first flyable airplane.  I learned how to fly on it.  It is known as the popsicle wonder do to it is basically held together by popsicle stix.
FW 190 This is my third flying airplane.  It is very stable for a scale airplane.  I have a .46 Thunder Tiger 
on it and Spring Air Retracts.  The only hard thing with this airplane is taking off.
The main stay of the squadron it has brought to to a third place finish at the ARCC  Competive Fun Fly 10/31/00.  It has had four succesful night flights, currently getting better equipped for R/C Night Flying.
Big Stick Pics On the way The Big Stick is an Awesome airplane.  It is very stable as well as aerobatic.  I recommend it over a trainer.
Giant AT-6 Pictures on the way Won this at a Albuquerque Scale Association Scale Fly-in on 6/27/99.  Finished the Midwest AT-6 on March 30.  I had the Maiden flight after the first say at the Wings Over the Desert 2000 in Tucson on April 1st.  It crashed April 2nd reason unknown, buy not injured badly will have flying by 4/6/00
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